About Extreme Trifle

If Extreme Trifle had been founded many centuries ago then the history of human exploration would have taken a very different course. Christopher Columbus would have drowned having barely left port. Neil Armstrong would have fallen off the moon and Marco Polo would never have invented the mint.

Today, we like to uphhold the spirit of those pioneers while trying not to hold up the traffic. The secret to our triumphant failures are a closely guarded but look something like this:

  • A budget so small a shoestring would be an indulgence
  • Never ever give up unless it’s a bit cold or the pub is about to shut

So why “Extreme Trifle”?

For that you need to go back to 2003. A group of very naive travellers found themselves huddled at the bottom of a Saharan sand dune. Having been lost for some time resources were low. The group pooled all available food which bizarrely consisted of:

  • Tangerines
  • Sesame seed snaps
  • A bottle of whisky
  • Stale croissants
  • A chunk of Edam cheese
  • A tin of custard

After throwing the whole lot in pan you then need to ensure someone accidentally kicks sand over it. Voila – an Extreme Trifle. It was a moment never forgotten and a few months later became the name of the loose group of like minded adventurers now known as Extreme Trifle.

Someone once described us as leading a cartoon lifestyle. We’ll take that as a compliment.