Pripyat dodgems © Extreme Trifle
Bond girl shooting © Extreme Trifle
Pripyat theatre © Extreme Trifle
Satan rocket © Extreme Trifle
Bond Aston Martin © Extreme Trifle
Prypiat ferris wheel © Extreme Trifle
AK-47 © Extreme Trifle
Pripyat doll © Extreme Trifle
Armoured vehicles © Extreme Trifle
Bond Onesie © Extreme Trifle
nuclear launch button © Extreme Trifle
Spongefinger © Extreme Trifle

Spongefinger Event Logo © Extreme Trifle

Trip Summary

Destination: Sevastopol, Crimea
Distance: 4,560 kms (2,850 miles)
Vehicles: James Bond cars

Trip Diary

Live and Let Die

For your eyes only

View to a Kill

Dr No

Casino Royale

From Russia with Love


A quantum of solace


When James Bond starts driving a Ford Orion 1.6 Ghia…

…you’ll know the script was written by Extreme Trifle. Until then we’ll just have to make our own version. The legendary James Bond has spent over fifty years of driving fast cars, drinking, and shagging supermodels. In this tribute road trip it obviously involved crap cars and we had to drink twice the amount to make up for the lack of supermodels.

Plot summary

The evil genius Spongefinger is intent on taking over the world with some sort of apocalyptic device (insert tractor beam/laser/satellite as appropriate) whilst hiding out in a bunker in a country easily stereotyped for baddies (insert Russia/North Korea/Iran as appropriate).

Needless to say, our mission was to infiltrate Spongefinger’s secret hideout, locate and disarm the device (just as the digital countdown reaches 00:00:01) and then fade to a scene of beautiful love making on a yacht to a Slovakian double agent called “Smouldering Snatch”.

Oh come on, it’s at least as believable as Roger Moore.

Full story coming soon