Trip Summary

Destination: Knebworth House
Distance: 200 metres
Vehicles: Home-made racing cars

Trip Diary

That’s not a box
There’s no soap

Soap Box Race. That’s not a box and it’s not made of soap

During practice we posted the seventh fastest time of the day. Surely with a bit more tweaking and by lowering the volume of custard on board we could glide to an epic victory. Where did it all go wrong? Whilst attempting to jump some hay bales on a child#s bike actually.

Draw us a racing trifle

Someone emailed the website with a link suggesting we ought to get involved. What followed was numerous clips of people crashing a variety of comedy go-karts in spectacular fashion.

How had we not seen this before? This wasn’t some backstreet drag racing, this was a full on event sponsored by Red Bull. The Soap Box race.

We did some research and all reported back at the Pub General Meeting.

“Basically we need to design an entry that hasn’t been done before and is suitably daft. Makes no difference whether it breaks new speed records or shits itself on the start line.”
“How about an Extreme Trifle?”

The meeting was adjourned. All we had to do now was register our interest and wait for the next event.

Some months later the email arrived in our inbox inviting us to submit an entry for the next event to be held at Knebworth. We immediately set to work and an email was fired off to our mate who is rather handy with a pencil. “Draw us a racing trifle. Make it look daft.”

He duly obliged and we think you’ll agree he delivered on the brief. The Red Bull judging panel certainly thought so and we were awarded with a coveted entry confirmation.
We were assigned a Red Bull rep to look after us and guide us through the process. She arranged the first meeting in a pub. It was a good start.

After being handed some goody bags she enquired as to whether we would mind being filmed during the build process.

Despite the fact we had not yet thought about how to build the thing we promptly agreed as that meant twatting about in front of TV cameras, something we rather enjoy.
All we had to do now was build it.