Trip Summary

Name: Isle of Nan TT
Destination: Isle of Man
Distance: 60 kms (37.7 miles)
Vehicle: Mobility Scooters

Trip Diary

Tea and an almond slice
Are you lot Extreme Trifle?
Closer to the hedge


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Mobility scooters set new TT lap record

After three days in the seat we rolled over the finish line in a time of 66 hours and 13 minutes. That’s an average speed of 0.56mph and the slowest EVER lap of the TT course.

Our pioneering eco-friendly electric vehicle race provided all the thrills of a trip to the post office, but thanks to zero-emissions (excluding flatulence) no polar bears slipped into the ocean for our entertainment.

Welcome to the The Isle of Nan TT: the only motorsport event to be timed with a sundial.

Tea and an almond slice

We were slumped en masse on the sofa and floor. Pre-breakfast breakfast was some tea and a packet of exceedingly good almond slices. It was the morning after a particularly big night out in London. The usual Extreme Trifle reunion. Copious amounts of alcohol and questionable fancy dress.

We were half watching some coverage of the Isle of Man TT races. The commentator remarked that there was still a £10,000 prize on offer for the first electric vehicle to lap the circuit at an average speed in excess of 100mph. A small seed was sown although we didn’t know it yet.

Later, during a hungover stroll to the local cafe a mobility scooter trundled out of the chemist. It proceeded to carve up the High St leaving pedestrians and prams in its wake. A grin simultaneously spread across our faces. A large seed was sown. The Isle of Nan TT was spawned.

The rest of the day was spent doing research into important matters such as “Do you need a licence?”. “Do you need be to registered disabled?”. “Can you drive a mobility scooter while drunk?”.  The latter question did produce some epic Google results.

Our personal favourite was the 67 year old who got arrested for driving whilst drunk at 6mph with a passenger “clinging to the front“. The reporter then took journalistic licence to the extreme in claiming that the pensioner had previously been arrested for “riding his scooter at speed“.

Even if you’ve never seen a Highway Code, or ridden a bicycle. or you are in fact a free range chicken – you can hire a mobility scooter. Encouraged by this we set about making plans to compete at the world famous TT races.

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