car wreck in nagorno-karabakh © Extreme Trifle
armenian tank © Extreme Trifle
car stuck on beach © Extreme Trifle
car crossing metal bridge armenia © Extreme Trifle
nagorno-karabakh villagers © Extreme Trifle
armenian monument © Extreme Trifle
abandoned apartments © Extreme Trifle

Trip Summary

Destination: High Caucasus mountains
Distance: 7,200 kms (4,500 miles)
Vehicles: MOT failures

Trip Diary

Make custard not war

Make custard not war

The Caucasus mountains. A big hilly place where Europe meets Asia and quite a lot of scrapping has happened over the ages. Even today, the neighbouring countries are at best in a bad mood with each other.
Enter Extreme Trifle on a mission to bring peace through the medium of custard and jelly. Unfortunately we caused quite a lot of destruction with an Austin Montego, which technically wasn’t an Austin anymore since it was written off in Turkey and rebuilt with the parts from Peugeot, Ford and Volkswagen.

The plan was to unify the Caucasus in a new homeland named the Custardistan Unified Neutral Territories (C.U.N.T). Unfortunately no one there agreed with our plan and we are now banned from Armenia and Azerbaijan.