skiing in underpants © Extreme Trifle
sunny delight rallying © Extreme Trifle
tunnel entrance to nuclear missile silo © Extreme Trifle
shaguar stuck in puddle © Extreme Trifle
entry hatch to nuclear missile silo
arch in latvia © Extreme Trifle

Trip Summary

Destination: Baltic Sea
Distance: 3,750 kms (2,340 miles)
Vehicles: Un-rally cars

Trip Diary

Thin ice
Balsam blow out
Nuclear wasteland

Ice Ice Baby – Staging

The Baltics in mid-winter is er…Baltic. When you start each morning trying to get the doors open and then have to defrost the inside of the windows, you know it’s a bit snurpy. Welcome to the Baltic Ice Rally. A rally. On ice. In the Baltics. Naturally we decided it must be attempted in the most non-rally cars we could find. Think Allegro Vanden Plas. Think a recently decommisioned Hearse. From driving on thin ice to potholing in to an abandoned and flooded nuclear missile silo, this trip was not one for the faint-hearted.

Where is Lithuania?

An email arrived. “I have a rally for you. It is maximum good.”