Extreme Trifle Events Page - The Hall of Shame

It’s all here. Every Extreme Trifle adventure ever attempted, aborted, and (on a surprising number of occasions) completed with nothing more than a grazed knee and some deportation orders. The world’s highest pizza delivery. The slowest ever lap of the Nurburgring. The first ever auto rickshaw race across India and much more. So, whether you are trying to look busy in the office or are waiting for your date to arrive, why not pass the time seeing what happens when you mix a sense of adventure with blind ignorance.

Wrong Way Round Iceland. Turns out Hell ain’t a bad place to be. It’s lukewarm rather than hot but it sure is hard to get to.

Wrong Way Round Sahara. In 55 degrees of heat without water, weird things start to happen. In summary, the Sahara is hot.

The Isle of Nan TT. The only motorsport event where a hazardous fluid leak comes from the rider not the machine.

Wrong Way Round Mongolia. Sandstorm, thunderstorm, shitstorm. Looks like those cracks are only going to get wider.

Monsoon Madness. In torrential downpours you need a vehicle with the build quality of a shoe box.

Wrong Way Round Himalaya. When riding a mountain track with a 4,000ft drop it’s not ideal to have a dizzy spell. Or a puncture.

Spongefinger. You can’t sugar-coat a bond villain. Or can you? This is Cold War served straight from the fridge.

The Wrong Way Round. Exactly like the famous “Long Way Round” only shorter. Like a lot shorter.

Cheesy Rider. The bikes weren’t actually made of cheese but they may as well have been.

Rickshaw Rampage. The original Indian sub-continent caper in motorised egg-shells. Head South until the land runs out.

Russian Rollette. A rally in a car that was designed to fall over. Whoever thought leaving off a wheel was a good idea…

Caucasian Invasion. Custard not war. Jelly not clusterbombs. We came in peace – we left some pieces. Of engine, gearbox, tyres…

Car Trek. To blindly go where many people have been before in cars less structurally sound than the stage set in Blake’s Seven

Red Bull Soap Box Race. Our entry was neither made of soap or boxes. At least the wheels went round.

Plymouth Dakar Rally

The Plymouth – Dakar Rally. It left from Portsmouth and never went to Dakar. The original, grand daddy of banger rallies.

Ring Sting

Ring Sting. The ring as in Nurburgring. The sting as in the sensation you get when petrol spills on your gentleman parts.

Pizzas to Palermo

Pizzas to Palermo. A foolhardy attempt to teach the Italians about pizza and moped riding. We came back suitably chastised.

Can you get a bigger mis-match than a Paris Dakar rider on a KTM leading six blokes on mopeds?