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Extreme Trifle smashes world record

There’s never been a stuntman to touch Evel Knievel for showmanship. In homage to the legend, and because we had some time on our hands, we thought we’d have a crack at his record jump. He managed thirteen single decker buses. ¬†Our target? TWENTY SIX DOUBLE DECKERS. That’s right folks.

After a comprehensive health and safety audit we decided to let Oz make the attempt. He is the most expendable. After a quick warm up he rode to the end of the field, wound open the throttle and hit the ramp at almost 26 mph. For what seemed like an eternity he sailed through the air whilst both people in the crowd gasped. In very un-Evel fashion he not only made the jump but also avoided turning his pelvis into Lego on the landing.

This record has been fully ratified by Guinness.*

(* someone holding a pint of Guinness was present throughout).